Presidents Report – December 2017

The Club Christmas dinner is behind us for another year as we move into the festive season.

Some 55 people were at the dinner, held at the Public Schools Club dining room.

I believe everyone had a good time with feedback to me such as: “Very nice food”, Excellent value at $50”, “Nice ambience”, “Good that we had the venue to ourselves”.

There were plenty of raffle prizes with one person in three winning something. There was also a “Who wants to be a millionaire “style quiz well run by Chris Moore that everyone got into. Sadie Moore was kept busy handing out prizes for correct answers.

My thanks also goes to our MC Rob Wintulich, who ran the evening’s proceedings smoothly.

Our final monthly meeting for 2017 on Wednesday 13th December includes a special speaker that I am sure will appeal to everyone, not just the aviators among us.

Marion McCall OAM, outback pilot and poet, who only started flying at age 50, to fly her husband David, the Anglican Bishop of Wilochra, around his vast diocese.

A great inspirational story told with humour has been enjoyed by everyone who has heard her.

Do come along and bring your partner or guest.

Don’t forget the final club event for the year is the Murray Bridge Airport Flyin BBQ on Sunday 17th December. Turn up at the Windsock Lounge from 1030 with a BBQ lunch served at Midday. Bring your aircraft or just drive in and enjoy the company. We will be attempting to get as many different Sonex aircraft there to show to the members. The club Sonex with be available for hire or if you just want to go flying in it as a passenger talk to one of the committee.

One of our members, Lance Bokay, is selling up some of his aircraft gear and tools in Hangar 22, so check that out as well.

Cost for the BBQ is $10 per head for lunch with tea, coffee and water provided. Feel free to bring other drinks if you need them.

If you haven’t already done so please drop me an email if you are coming, to assist with catering.

Be reminded that due to the holidays there will be NO January club meeting, so the first meeting for 2018 will be on Wednesday 14th February.

On behalf of the Committee, allow me to wish you and your families our best wishes for a Happy Christmas and a safe New Year.

Blue Skies


Why is Christmas just like a day at the office?

You do all the work and the fat guy in the suit gets all the credit.     Anonymous

Presidents Report – November 2017

The nicer weather has meant I am able to do more test flying on my Onex. The test program is progressing well with over 12 hours achieved since the maiden flight in early September.

The usual adjustments on the carburettor were needed, (this is a VW derivative engine after all!), but I am closing in on the ideal mixture setting. Some minor cowl chafing caused by the baffles has been addressed along with some extra cable ties in the engine bay to secure wiring.

Flight performance is very encouraging with 140kts cruise achieved at close to max power. At a more leisurely 75% power I expect to get 125-130kts TAS.

A number of our members went to the AAAA flyin at Clare Valley on 14th October. A lovely flying day and 40 + aircraft, mostly antiques, turned up. See some photos on the club website.

I was most impressed by the talk our member, Dave Hansen gave at the last meeting. I never cease to be amazed at the wealth of talent amongst our members. Dave gave us a history lesson on the epic first England to Australia flight by Sir Ross & Sir Keith Smith, two Adelaide boys, in 1919.

He then stitched the story together with his personal involvement in the repair of their aircraft the Vickers Vimy, G-EAOU. When the Vimy was being transported from AWM Canberra to it’s present display site at Adelaide Airport back in the late 50’s, one of the semi trailers caught fire, severely damaging the wings and engines. The insurance rebuild was done at minimum cost involving apprentices where possible, which was exactly Dave Hansen’s job description at the time. He even showed us the burnt hub of one of the original Vimy propellors which he recovered from a rubbish bin!

As the centenary of that epic flight approaches in 2019, we all need to lobby the government to move this incredible historic aircraft from it’s current site, lost in a car park, back to pride of place in the Adelaide Airport forecourt, where it belongs.

The SA aviation museum open day was held last Sunday and the club was represented with a stand in front of the well known RV-4, VH-NOJ. It was well attended and a lot of information brochures were handed out.

The club Christmas Dinner is fast approaching on Friday November 17th at 6:30 pm. A three course dinner and welcome drink for just $50 each is great value.

Remember there will be NO meeting on Wednesday 8th November.

It’s not too late to order tickets for the dinner through the club website and I encourage you all to come along with partners and guests. If you have any difficulties with ordering tickets then please contact Steve Biele or Greg Tabe.

Keep your numbered tickets to redeem your welcome drink and win one of the many lucky draw prizes.

I hope to see you all there.

Blue skies,


Sincerity is the key to success. Once you can fake that, you’ve got it made.  -Groucho Marx

Meal Booking now online

Dinner bookings and cancellations in the future will only be via the website.

You need to be logged in the SAC website to make a booking.

If you don’t already have an account, you can create one with your first booking (see below).

Bookings will close at 12 midday on the Monday before the monthly meeting as we have to advise the Public Schools Club the numbers for dinner.

If you need to make a late booking, please Email Steve Biele who will check availability and you will be advised.

If you have problems with the booking system please Email Chris Dearden.

I don’t have an account on the SAC Website yet

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You will only need to do this the first time to create an account.

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Presidents Report October 2017

Well spring has arrived and I hope you are dusting off the cobwebs and getting back into some aviating now that the better weather is upon us.

In the last couple of weeks Dominie and I did something unique that I had intended to do for years.

We were invited to go sailing with some friends in the Whitsundays. Having accepted the offer we thought, instead of going commercial, why not fly up there in the RV7A?

After some investigation and planning I found the most convenient way to go was via Broken Hill and Charleville then land at Shute Harbour airport.

This was about 1060nm trip each way, breaking it up with an overnight in Charleville northbound and Broken Hill southbound. This gave a reasonable 5-6 hours of flying the first day and 2-3 hours the second day. Shute Harbour is a lovely little GA airport nestled in a narrow valley about 3 miles from Airlie Beach. The terrain up to 1500’ all around precludes normal circuits so an offset straight in approach is needed on both runways. It reminded me of my Caribou flying days in PNG!

The airport gets quite busy with scenic flight operators flying fixed wing, rotary and amphibious operations. In addition to that, there are regular parachute drops back onto the airfield.

A scenic flight of the whole area is worthwhile as the colour of the sea and the beaches are stunning.

Back in Adelaide the club hosted a workshop visit to Parafield, organised by Henry Schultz.

A dozen or so people saw the Helicycle single seat gas turbine helicopter. It seemed a very small flying machine! There was also a SIAI Marchetti S211 Jet, a Lancair 4P and even a DHC Chipmunk resident in the hangar.

Ted King even scored a ride in the Lancair 4P. I would be interested to hear how it compared with his own aircraft.

At next weeks meeting the speaker is our own David Hansen.  He will be speaking about the Vickers Vimy flown by Sir Ross and Sir Keith Smith from England to Australia in 1919.

The dinner booking for monthly meetings has now gone online. Details in the October newsletter. This will provide a consolidated list in one place for Steve Biele and will prevent double bookings and lost bookings or cancellations as has happened in the past.

Chris Dearden will present a guide on using the meal booking system at next weeks meeting. If you are having trouble with ordering a meal for the October meeting then please contact Chris Dearden or Steve Biele.

The club Christmas dinner and Award night is scheduled for Friday 17th November. Tickets are just $50 each for a 3 course meal and welcome drink. Next week’s meeting will be the last opportunity to pay in person so please bring cash, cheque or credit card and see Greg Tabe for tickets. After that you will still be able to book and pay by direct credit to the club account if you prefer.

Don’t forget the flying events on the October calendar: 7-8th October- Jamestown, 13-15th October- AAAA AGM Clare Valley, and of course Airventure Australia, Narromine on 19-21st October.

Also, on Sunday 29th October the is an open day at the South Australian Aviation museum, Pt Adelaide. Our club will have a stand there promoting Sport Aviation. Please contact me if you can help out for an hour or two. You will get free entry into the museum as well as helping your club.

Blue skies,


Pilots with short joysticks or low manifold pressure, please taxi a little closer.”

Seen in a men’s toilet at an outback Queensland airport

Area Forecasts (ARFORS) changing from text to graphical format on 9 November

Following requests from the aviation industry, the Bureau of Meteorology will be changing the format of Area Forecasts (ARFORs) from text based to graphical on 9 November 2017. The new format is known as a Graphical Area Forecast (GAF).

The GAF will be a combination of graphical and textual information. The graphic will be divided into areas that share common weather characteristics which are detailed in an associated table.

There will be significant changes noticeable to users of ARFORs. These include changes to:

  • The number of forecast areas (10 GAFs in total for Australia, compared to 28 ARFORs) and therefore boundaries of each area;
  • validity periods;
  • the method of advising significant weather deterioration; and
  • wind and temperature information, which will be presented in a separate Grid Point Wind and Temperature (GPWT) forecast product.

Click here to go to the BOM GAF information page.

Download the User Guide on the page for details.

Presidents Report September 2017

I have returned from my long overseas holiday which was absolutely wonderful.

Over the next couple of meetings I will give reports on the aviation bits that you may be interested in.

I was lucky enough to visit the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford, the premier military airshow in the world. I also went to Brooklands and Old Warden museums.

Whilst in Kent I made a pilgrimage to the Battle of Britain Memorial, overlooking the white cliffs of Dover. Quite a moving place for an aviator.

Back in Adelaide, recent club events included a workshop visit to Chris Moore’s Lancair project, where some two dozen members inspected the recent progress.

Last week, 35 of us visited the new RFDS facility at Adelaide Airport. A briefing by Charlie Patterson and Peter Docking gave us an insight into the RFDS history, it’s current role and services, how it is funded, and an overview of the new Pilatus PC-24 Jet due to join the fleet in December 2018. We then went down to the hangar floor to get a close up inspection of the PC-12 fleet.

From it’s small beginnings in 1929 it is hard to imagine the outback functioning at all without the RFDS services enjoyed today. Through their network Australiawide, someone benefits from an RFDS service every 2 minutes around the clock! It was all wrapped up with a very nice dinner at the Lockleys Hotel.

Coming up soon, 17th September in fact, is another workshop visit organised by Henry Schultz.

This one will be at the Classic Jets Museum workshop on Anderson Drive, Parafield Airport from 2-4pm. There is a single seat gas turbine helicopter, a Helicycle, being built there, which is nearing completion. Also in the hanger you can view a SIAI Marchetti S211 jet and a completed Lancair 4P, all owned by Jim Walley. As the hangar is an active workshop for the museum, it goes without saying that other projects in there must not be touched.

At the September club meeting we will have Dr Paul Dare speaking about his business, Aviation surveying, mapping and photography, particularly how he uses aircraft to achieve this. It should be really interesting.

If you have not yet booked a meal for the meeting please email Steve Biele now. Be reminded that from now on emailing will be the only method to book a meal as the paper method has been discontinued.

From next week we will also be selling tickets for the club Christmas dinner on November 17th. Steve Biele has negotiated a marvellous 3 course Christmas Dinner, including a pre dinner drink for just $50. Where? At the Public Schools Club, our monthly meeting venue.

After looking at several other possibilities for the dinner, it was impossible to improve on the deal that our chef, Michael, offered. After enjoying his meals for a year and a half now we look for to seeing what he can produce for our big event.

If you missed Michael Smiths premiere of ‘Voyage of the Southern Sun’ at the Capri earlier in the year it will be screening at the Wallis Mitcham Cinemas for one showing only on 29 October. Details in the Calendar.

As the weather starts to improve with the arrival of spring, we can expect to see more flying events on the calendar. Coming up in October is AirVenture in Narromine, The Jamestown Flyin and the AAAA Flyin at Clare. Details can be found on the club website calendar, with links below.

Blue Skies,


If at first you don’t succeed, then skydiving is not for you.

President’s Report August 2017

Our president Steve Nelson is away overseas visiting interesting aviation places and shows in the UK and Europe and I am sure he will have much to show and tell when he arrives back for next months meeting.

Mark Biele gave an extremely interesting talk last club meeting about flying in the Australian Air Force and his secondment to the USA flying F22’s and F18’s in Canada and the middle East. The meeting and talk was well attended with a near capacity crowd. It seems to me that we now have a small but true insight into the current trends, the aircraft, and the men and women that we will rely on for continued protection of our country.

Coming up this month is a workshop visit to my place on Sunday the 13th of August from 2pm to 4pm to see a gradually being completed Lancair O-200 everyone is welcome.

On Tuesday the 29th of August from 5:30pm to 7:30pm your president Steve Nelson has arranged for club members to visit the new flying doctor facilities at Adelaide Airport. Each year your club makes a donation to help the RFDS keep flying and carrying out its important work- here is your chance to see what happens new aircraft and how donations are used to keep the service running.

For next weeks meeting we have Richard Geytenbeek speaking on “Thermals and other lift sources and the recreational pilot”. Promises to be yet another interesting talk relevant to what we do. Remember visitors are welcome -please be ready to introduce them at the start of the meeting.  Meals are still just $20 for 2 courses for club members. Visitors and non financial club members pay $25. All meals to be booked by emailing Steve Biele by the day before the meeting.

Chris Moore   Secretary (Acting President)

“That’s the thing about flying: You could talk to someone for hours and never even know his name, share your deepest secrets and then never see them again.”      – Jennifer E. Smith, The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

Presidents Report, July 2017

Last week many of our club members attended the Adelaide premier of the documentary film, “Voyage of the Southern Sun”, at the Capri Cinema, Goodwood.

Indeed more than 200 aviation minded people turned up to see a film of exquisite scenery and an open and frank commentary by Michael Smith of the challenges and dangers involved in a global circumnavigation flight.

After the film Michael was on hand to personally answer any questions from the audience on the flight. He did admit that if he ever did the flight again it would be in something faster and with an autopilot. I would have agree that after 480 hours of hand flying I would be wanting an autopilot too!

At our July club meeting next week we are privileged to have as our guest speaker, Squadron Leader Mark Biele, an RAAF F18 fighter pilot and instructor. He is also the son or our council member Steve Biele. Mark is one of only two Australians to have served an exchange tour on the USAF F22 Raptor.  Come and hear about his experiences and assessment of this unique aircraft.

Please be advised that the cost of meals at our monthly meetings has risen to $25 per person if you are a non member or visitor. However, if you are a fully paid up member of the club you can continue to enjoy a lovely 2 course meal for just $20 per person.

Coming up on August 29th there will be a club visit to the new RFDS facility at Adelaide airport. This is fantastic new building, purpose built to facilitate much easier patient transfer from aircraft to ambulance. It also houses all the training, office and admin facilities as well as the spacious hangar for aircraft maintenance on their PC12 fleet. There will be a clipboard circulating at the meeting that you can add your name to, should you wish to attend. Details are on the club website.

On 13 August Chris Moore is having a workshop visit to see the progress on his Lancair 0200. You also get to see his new workshop. Please email him if you are coming to help with the catering.

I will be heading off to Europe on Saturday for a trip that was planned and paid for long before I took on the President’s duties. In UK there will be an aviation element as I plan to visit the famous Brooklands museum and I also have tickets for the Royal International Air Tatoo at RAF Fairford.

In my absence, Chris Moore will be stepping back into the President’s role.

See you all in late August.

Blue skies,


I am not what happened to me.

I am what I choose to become.

Presidents Report, June 2017

Last month 5 aircraft and 10 people participated in the Club Flyaway Outback Safari. As reported by Derry Swan at the May meeting, a brilliant time was had by all with perfect autumn weather AND tailwinds on every sector. A pilot’s dream!

Places visited were Coober Pedy, Maralinga (yes, where the atomic blasts took place), Ceduna and Port Lincoln. It was great to catch up with life member, Mick Hart, and his wife Di whilst in Port Lincoln.

Don’t forget coming up on Monday night 26th of June is the premiere of Michael Smith’s film, “Voyage of the Southern Sun”, at the Capri cinema, Goodwood. Some of you may remember he spoke to our club last year about his epic round the world adventure in his Searay. Being a film buff Michael has turned his raw footage into a feature length film which includes some stunning scenery. Tickets can be purchased online through the Calendar entry on the club website or through this LINK.

Your council has lined up some interesting speakers over the next few months so be sure to come along to the monthly meetings to hear them.

In June we have Wing Commander (retd) John Downing who was the CO of 2Squadron, flying Canberra bombers in Vietnam. He had the misfortune of being the only Australian aircraft to be shot down by a SAM missile, but he lived to tell about it! Come and hear his story.

In July, Steve Biele’s son Mark, will talk about flying RAAF FA18’s and also USAF F22’s while on exchange duties in Alaska.

In August we have Richard Geytenbeek, known to many of you as a glider and tug pilot, talking about “Thermals and other sources of uplift and the recreational pilot”.

September sees Paul Dare talk about his aerial photography business, however, unlike most, he does not use drones but regular GA aircraft, often flown by himself.

Please take advantage of the wonderful flying weather we have been enjoying before winter proper arrives.

Blue Skies,


Truly superior pilots are those who use their superior judgement to avoid those situations where they might have to use their superior skills.