Sport Aircraft Club of SA members enjoy all categories of sport and recreational flying, aircraft construction and related social activities.

We welcome owners, restorers, builders and potential builders as well as anyone with a love of flying and aeroplanes.

SAC is affiliated with EAA Chapter 186, Northern Virginia USA and the SAAA.

SAC Sonex Building Project

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Many thanks to our sponsors whose generous support has made this project possible.


The Sport Aircraft Club is building a Sonex to give hands on experience to a group of young people. Click to see the Club Building Page .

Recent Photos. (Click on the image to go to the Gallery)


Sonex Panel and Electrical


Barossa Airshow 2015


Chapman River Fly In


Sonex Engine and Cowl Installation


Sonex Polishing Started

Recent Video

sonex aerobatics

Sonex Aerobatics

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